While Tim began shaping in California to help him become a better surfer, he began creating custom artwork in Michigan to share his passion and talents with his non-surfing family and friends. Through the exact same glassing and resin paneling process that he does on the surfboards, Tim has created a unique way to display the refinement of a well crafted surfboard into something beautiful for your home.

"My work explores the people, places, history, and stories of the Great Lakes and other coastal areas through the eyes of a custom board builder. By asking the questions, listening, and conversing with these stories, histories, and personal experiences, I aim to create something that fulfills the needs and desires for their stories to be told and lessons to be learned."

To ensure the custom nature of each of each board and art piece, Tim custom mix only enough color for each individual work. Once the resin has cured, or hardened, that color cannot be perfectly replicated again. This creates a completely one-of-a-kind custom product that is unique entirely to itself. Though resin paneling can be a painstaking process that requires loads of patience and focus, the end result creates vibrant colors that add depth to the work while remaining true to the historic process of surfboard manufacturing.

Art pieces can be customized in nearly any way by size, color, design, etc. Most pieces are framed with reclaimed driftwood lumber from old stairs and decks found along the Lake Michigan shoreline. Please contact us if you're interested in a custom art piece!

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