An uncommon brand from an unlikely place.

Our story is nearly as unique as our surfcraft. Originally hailing from Michigan's west coast, our owner and shaper, Tim Folkert, migrated to the Pacific Coast after college. It was in Santa Cruz, CA that he discovered surfing as a new means of outdoor exploration, and subsequently delved into the world of surfboard design and construction. Working for some of the finest craftsmen on the West Coast, Tim honed his craft for 8 years learning all aspects of the board building process before migrating back to his roots in Michigan. The result of that time and dedication are the exceptional boards of the Migration label.

At our core, Migration is an outdoor brand. While surfing may be our preferred means of interacting with the outdoors, our interests flow well beyond the waves of the Great Lakes. Being in the Midwest, this often means brisk hikes among the dunes, paddling quiet lakes and rivers, speeding down single track through the forest, or weekend camping excursions with family and good friends. Our community of Midwest surfers and adventurers is always expanding, and we'd love to get to know you. Feel free to drop us a line and share your stories!

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